Eldritch Essences 6 Pack Tea Lights *Mystic Island*


Eldritch Essences *Mystic Island* Tea Lights

Perfect as a gift, Eldritch Essences Tea Light candles are hand made in Yorkshire and created in a variety of scents designed to excite and entice!

Mystic Island ~

“The rest followed him, and looked curiously at the immense carved door with the now familiar squid-dragon bas-relief. It was, Johansen said, like a great barn-door; and they all felt that it was a door because of the ornate lintel, threshold, and jambs around it, though they could not decide whether it lay flat like a trap-door or slantwise like an outside cellar-door. As Wilcox would have said, the geometry of the place was all wrong. One could not be sure that the sea and the ground were horizontal, hence the relative position of everything else seemed phantasmally variable.”

H.P LOVECRAFT - 'The Call of Cthulhu' - 1926

Find yourself lost on a Mystic Island with this one way journey brought to you by Eldritch Essences
-The scent of a warm sea breeze intertwined with a familiar earthly favourite!
-Vibrant Sea blue in colour
-Journey across the Mystic Island with this sea breeze inspired scent

Eldritch Essences Tea Lights -

-1.7cm in height with a diameter of 4cm
-6 individual Tea Lights in your favourite Eldritch Scent
-Handmade and labelled
-Approximate pack weight - 125g

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