Eldritch Essences 6 Pack Tea Lights *Mellow Yellow*


Eldritch Essences *Mellow Yellow* Tea Lights

Perfect as a gift, Eldritch Essences Tea Light candles are hand made in Yorkshire and created in a variety of scents designed to excite and entice!

Mellow Yellow ~

“As the ship drew into the harbour at evening the twin beacons Thon and Thal gleamed a welcome, and in all the million windows of Bahama's terraces mellow lights peeped out quietly and gradually as the stars peep out overhead in the dusk, till that steep and climbing seaport became a glittering constellation hung between the stars of heaven and the reflections of those stars in the still harbour.”

H.P LOVECRAFT – 'The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadeth' - 1927

A tropical soothing scent by Eldritch Essences
-A Banana based scent with a soothing vanilla thrown in for good measure
-A stunning yellow colour
-Take the time to chill with this tropically smooth scent

Eldritch Essences Tea Lights -

-1.7cm in height with a diameter of 4cm
-6 individual Tea Lights in your favourite Eldritch Scent
-Handmade and labelled
-Approximate pack weight - 125g

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