Eldritch Essences Hex Jar Scented Candle *Discovery*


Eldritch Essences *Discovery* Hex Jar

Perfect as a gift, Eldritch Essences Hex Jar candles are hand made in Yorkshire and created in a variety of scents designed to excite and entice!

Discovery ~
"I say this because from first to last our discoveries partook only of the nature of sensations; sensations correlated with no impression which the nervous system of normal humanity is capable of receiving. They were sensations, yet within them lay unbelievable elements of time and space — things which at bottom possess no distinct and definite existence."
H.P LOVECRAFT - 'Hypnos' - 1922

Relax with the soothing scent of Discovery by Eldritch Essences
-A lightly perfumed and fresh scent
-A hint of linen and soothing baby powder
-Deep Purple in colour
-Designed to help you relax and lose yourself to time and space.

Eldritch Essences Hex Jars -

-9cm in height with a width of 7cm
-A burn time of 30 hours
-Handmade and labelled
-Approximate weight - 300g

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