Eldritch Essences Dungeon Master Scent Sprays


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Eldritch Essences Dungeon Masters Scent Spray Pens

Designed with the DM or GM in mind, These handy little sprays inject a little more immersion into your Roleplaying Sessions!

Just a light spritz into the centre of your table and your players can bring their sense of smell into the game!

This set of 5 scents aims to cover a wide variety of smellscapes to appeal to the widest possible selection of scenarios, from Call of Cthulhu to Dungeons and Dragons or Pathfinder!

'Enchanted Embers' - Mimics the scent of a Smoky Campfire - or possibly a spell fired towards the party from a distance?

'Coastal Trail' - Brings to life the scent of the ocean, fresh and cool with a hint of something tropical!

'The Wilderness' - Evoking green leaves, moss, ferns and fresh soil to root your party firmly in the woods!

'Eastern Spice' - Heralding the scents of a Pharaonic tomb or possibly an Elven Spice market

'Travellers Rest' - Conjures up scents of whiskey, beer and a good dwarven stout all enjoyed round a warm log fire - is this a good rest or the start of something much greater?


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